Bubble Bath: Eucalyptus Ease (formerly Colds & Flu) 13 oz.

California Baby

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Nothing is worse than the sight of a sick child. We formulate our products to work, and California Baby Colds & Flu Bubble Bath is a lifesaver when your child is congested and cranky--who can resist a bubble bath? A warm bubble bath can help to lower a temperature and ease muscle aches. Children-and adults!-love bubble baths, so we make them safe. Our special bubbling formula contains mild vegetable-derived bubbling agents, enriched with a nourishing herbal complex that works to protect delicate skin. Our non-drying (extremely) biodegradable bubble bath strictly avoids the use of synthetic fragrances and harsh bubbling agents. This product was developed to avoid irritation (that is typical of other bubble baths) and we never use Sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA or numbing agents.

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Aqua,Aloe Vera,Corn,Coconut,Palm,Soap Bark,Yucca,Cactus,Calendula,Pansy,Eucalyptus,Amino Acids

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