iluvorganic is birthed out of a desire to promote and provide organic and natural products for everyone. All of us here at iluvorganic have at one time or another been frustrated with using commercial hair care and body care products that are loaded with chemicals.

As we know, our skin is by far the largest organ and the cosmetic and personal care industry is doing it great harm that are or can be cancer-causing agents (or just plain dangerous). Because the skin is permeable, such ingredients harm not only the skin itself, but can penetrate into the body, causing internal damage as well.

After rigorous search, we finally found some organic personal care products that we truly enjoy using. They are made with the best ingredients on earth. After experiencing the benefits, we feel we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves, but share it with others.

Our Belief

Our Belief is “Prevention is better than Cure”. So we worked hard to bring these great products to you at great prices, so that it is easier for you to switch over to organic, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Many people told us that organic products tend to be very expensive and some are so “natural” they don’t really “work”, and they are right. That’s why we make every effort to try and test all our products to make sure they are a good balance of performance, health and price. To top it of, the products are environment and animal friendly. Not only are the products better for health; they make us feel and look good!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to constantly seek and offer high quality, health benefiting and affordable organic and natural products for our consumers so that together we can work towards a long-term goal of achieving a healthier community with a beautiful and fun lifestyle.

We really enjoy using these products and we would love to share them with you! We promise you to work hard at sourcing for the best organic body, hair and skin care products that we would all love to use.

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